The Coding Club


The number of young children using computers in their everyday lives continues to grow, they need to have access to an education that enables them to better understand this technology and how it works.

Recently many coding organisations,  schools and providers have popped up around the globe, including Australia to accommodate for the fast-rising demand for a digital education. Most of these organisations deliver very basic, virtual programs to children as there is no current state or federal curriculum nor a benchmark for effective curriculums.

The IT education in Australia is not adequately preparing our children for the modern workplace, most jobs in the future will require at least some level of IT skill. We need to equip our children to deal with the modern world by offering them the opportunity to learn computer coding from a young age.

The Coding Club is about that opportunity. Our goal is to provide young children across Australia with an affordable, effective and intuitive IT education.

Our passion for education and our ability to help, encourage and inspire children to learn a real-life skill are our main assets.

As a father, teacher and an educator with over 35 years’ experience teaching children and adults “human languages” and as the former National Operations Manager for NoahCode (a former coding provider) I draw from my past experiences and mistakes to tailor a “digital Language” curriculum to modern children needs and bring IT industry skills and knowledge to classrooms around the nation in a relaxed, simple and fun environment.

At The Coding Club, we are excited to be a part of your child’s journey discovering the maze of this never-ending digital world.

Driss Regague