The coding club offers your school the opportunity to use our unique and exclusive curriculum to teach your students the art of coding in an easy, simple and engaging manner. Our program main goal is to get students from grade 3 to year 9 thinking in computer code.

 We believe the content of our program; our strategy and our tools are capable of achieving this. To begin with, we will expose the students to simple coding theories After this we will slowly progress to more complex theories and coding activities.

As a selected number of students may excel in the art of coding, we will offer an “Elite” program in order to facilitate their extended learning of computer programming.

Our program comes with the full support and full training to empower your teachers (any) to deliver it.

To discuss your own circumstances and to tailor the program to your own community needs, please contact one of our friendly and well-trained staff for assistance. or call 0488 77 99 11